Fellow Sheep
The sheep are all scattered to the field. You must gather them into the fence before something bad happens...
The shepherd dog automatically runs to the cursor position. Click the left mouse button to bark and scare the sheep.
Challenge your friends
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628 days ago
Rating: 10
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1188 days ago
Rating: 1
1527 days ago
good challenge!
1527 days ago
Rating: 8
1528 days ago
Rating: 7
1674 days ago
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Rating: 10
1737 days ago
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Rating: 10
1777 days ago
1777 days ago
Rating: 10
1829 days ago
Rating: 10
1844 days ago
Rating: 10
1861 days ago

1862 days ago
Rating: 5
1864 days ago
Rating: 5
1864 days ago
Rating: 10
1865 days ago
1865 days ago
Rating: 9
1865 days ago
odio los rompecabezas pero lo tengo que jugar
1865 days ago
Rating: 6
1865 days ago
me gsto mucho cuando tenga tiempo vendre mas tiempo
1865 days ago
Rating: 10
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