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score: 9.47213

average: 9.6

on: Oct 4, 2014
ratings: 16

language: en

“Never Play With The Feelings Of Others Because U May Win The Game But The Risk Is That U Will Surely Lose The Person For A Life Time”

. “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, But because of the silence of good people!”

“I am thankful to all those who said NO to me It’s because of them I did it myself.”.

“If friendship is your weakest point then U are the best person in the world.”

“Laughing Faces Do Not Mean That There Is Absence Of Sorrow! But It Means That They Have The Ability To Deal With It”.

“Opportunities Are Like Sunrises, If You Wait Too Long You Can Miss Them”.

“When You Are In The Light, Everything Follows You, But When You Enter Into The Dark, Even Your Own Shadow Doesn’t Follow You.”

“Coin Always Makes Sound But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent. So When Your Value Increases Stay Quiet……
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score: 9.45173

average: 9.5625

on: Oct 3, 2014
ratings: 17

language: en

Woh Parinda Jise Apni Parwaz Se Fursat Na Thi !!

Aaj Tanha Hua Toh Meri Deewar Pe aa Baitha !!

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score: 9.64749

average: 10.0

on: Oct 2, 2014
ratings: 10

tags: deep
language: en

Somewhere in dis god forsaken empty space, there is an open rusted door. Am there, but am not, like someone stealing my own shadow day by day. Am afraid that am never gonna truly die, nor that am gonna ever truly live..

I know d truth n everytime am almost ready to go, a cold breeze brushes against my neck n reminds me to face d fact what i already knew. .

Trembling fingers of mine, they are trying best to let u go..Incomplete i feel sitting there alone, incomple i stay here knowing dat u are gone..

Yes,Incomplete n infinite i am, just like d dust in d road !
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score: 9.33631

average: 9.38889

on: Oct 2, 2014
ratings: 19

language: en

Ruk hi jati hai Nazar Hadd-e-Nazar tak Warna...

DIL toh Kehta hai Jahan TUM ho Wahan tak Dekhon ...
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score: 9.37792

average: 10.0

on: Oct 2, 2014
ratings: 3

language: en

When I sit in my room and I’m all alone, without a computer or the phone, I think of you and the things we say, just you and I at the end of the day… We talk and laugh and have our fun no one to judge us we’re all we know, your soft tender voice will draw me near to a place of love, passion and no fear!
But OH!!! Those beautiful eyes!!!!

Your smile I can see from miles away will keep me safe throughout the next day. Dreams of making passionate love will sure come our way! So real so loving, sincere and true can only come from a man so wonderful and true. Beautiful eyes that shine like the stars transport me to the place where I know you truly are!
But OH those beautiful eyes!!!!

Sent to me like a beautiful dove with an olive branch extending its love, supplying the chance to experience your touch, too cherish and nurture I love you so much, with a smile that will shine and light my way, out of sight but not out of mind is what they say!

But OH!!! Those beautiful eyes!!!!

I’ll take you and love you keeping you ever so near I’ll keep you here, safe in love, and passion, without fear! I can’t let you go! The Ocean’s would flood from all the tears! You fill my heart with happiness and joy; I feel your touch in my heart so profoundly real. I love you from now until the end of time, and thank our God that you are mine.
But OOH!!!! Those beautiful eyes!!!!

By Cindy Poole, with love
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score: 9.55145

average: 9.8

on: Oct 2, 2014
ratings: 11

language: en

Never to take my love away from you
Forever I will be the best friend of you
I promise you love with no worries
True romantic tales shall our life together be no sad stories

Am hot but you are way hotter
You are finer than the word fine can convey
Divine beauty in human display
Am cool but you are way cooler
I will love you through the bad and good times and in times much better

Like Romeo’s kiss was sweet to Juliet
So will I be to you there shall be no more regret
Like a loan with no interest I’ll give you peace just be at rest
Sweet is all I promise you all problems shall be under arrest

You are my sweet and nothing tastes better
Honey to my tongue you are sweet not bitter
I will love you in metric tonnes not litre
Forever sweet will be our love not bitter

Together we are one may we never become two
I will love you now, always, and in the future too
In my youth I’ll love you and in my old age too
❤═███═███═███═███═══███══███═█═█═ ❤ ❤═█═══█═█═█═█═█══█══█══█═█═█═█═█═ ❤ ❤═█═█═█═█═█═█═█══█══█══█═███══█══ ❤ ❤═███═███═███═███═══███══█═█══█══.❤ ─★──────★──────★──────★──────★─────★─ ─▄█▀█▄─▄███▄──▄█▀█▄─▄███───▄█▀█▄─▄███▄ ─█░██████████─█░██████████─█░██████████ ──█▒████████───█▒████████───█▒████████ ───▀██████▀─────▀██████▀─────▀██████▀ ─────▀██▀───★─────▀██▀───★─────▀██▀
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score: 9.71745

average: 10.0

on: Oct 2, 2014
ratings: 14

language: en

A lonely heart is not something new;
A lonely heart contains only blues.

A lonely heart grows until old;
A lonely heart never unfolds.

A lonely heart is ready for doom;
A lonely heart keeps the mood gloom.

A lonely heart will never heal;
A lonely heart is like a bad card deal.

A mended heart is like one of no other;
A mended heart can be noticed by a lover.

A mended heart won’t take anymore pain;
A mended heart will shine like a flame.

A mended heart pumps love with a flow;
A mended heart beats and never lets’ go.
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score: 9.54172

average: 9.71429

on: Oct 1, 2014
ratings: 15

language: en

ღ~•●♥ Bay-rukhi Aisi Bhi Kaya Kay Rabtay Hi Na Hon♥

♥Ranjishein Apni Jaga Shart-E-Wafa Apni Jaga. ♥●•~ღ

ღ~•●♥ Ruka Hua Hy Ajeeb Dhoop chhaon KA Mosam,♥

♥Guzar Raha Hy Koi DIl se , Badalon Ki Tarah.. ♥●•~ღ

♥●•~ღKuch aise haadse bhi hote hai zindagi mein

Ki insaan bach toh jata hai magar zinda nahi rehta ♥●•~ღ

♥●•~ღ Bas Yehi Na? K Tarap Ke Guzri Raat.
Tum Na Aaye To Kya Sawera Nahi Hua ♥●•~ღ

♥●•~ღ Kisse Fursat Hai Ke Waqt Nikaal Kar Padhe Tumhari Shayari

Ab Toh Log Apni Kahani Bhi Kishton Mein Padha Karte Hai ♥●•~ღ

♥●•~ღ Bus gayi hai mere ehsaas me'n yeh kaisi mehak

Koi khushboo mai'n lagao'n teri khushboo aaye ♥●•~ღ

♥●•~ღ Be-dard zamane ka bahana sa bana kar
Hum toot ke roo te hai teri yaad mein aksar ♥●•~ღ

♥●•~ღ Raastey mein hi ghayal ho gayi humari masoom si umang
Jab haatho mein haath daaley dekha tujhe kisi aur ke sang♥●•~ღ

♥●•~ღ Kitaabon Se Daleelein Doon, Ya Khud Ko Saamnaye rakh Doon
Wo Mujhse Pooch Baithe hain Muhabbat Kis Ko Kehte Hain♥●•~ღ

♥●•~ღ Ehtyaatan Bujhi si rehti hoon

Jalti rehti toh raakh ho jaati ♥●•~ღ

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score: 9.57039

average: 9.625

on: Sep 30, 2014
ratings: 53

language: en

ღ~•●♥ Bara Ajeeb Sa Zeher Tha Uski Yaado Mein♥

♥Saari Umr Guzar Gayi Mujhe Marte Marte. ♥●•~ღ
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score: 9.30162

average: 10.0

on: Sep 30, 2014
ratings: 1

language: en


नारी शक्ति

सुर्य नही पर तु सुर्य किरण है,

चांद नही पर तु चन्द्र किरण है,

दिया नही पर तु रोशनी है,

पालनहार सही, पर तु सर्जनहार है,

तुज से बना है संसार, तु ही से संस्कारकी जड,

तु ही मोड ला सकती है तुज मे है गजब की शक्ति

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score: 9.43918

average: 10.0

on: Sep 30, 2014
ratings: 4

tags: dips
language: en

I try to hear the silence.
I try to keep the silence.
I try to dilate the iris.
My pen revolts in defiance.

I seek new avenues.
I seek luminescence.
I seek renascence.
My pen awakes in renaissance.

© Deepankar Choudhury.

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score: 9.46936

average: 9.61539

on: Sep 29, 2014
ratings: 14

tags: Sham , Gum ,
language: en

Shaam ki gungnahton mein gum
Hon ajab sansnahton mein gum

Dil kisi dard se bhar aya hai
Tha teri muskrahton mein gm

Bity lamhon ke bojh dho dho kar
Ho gai hon thkawton men gum

Tera lehja to rooh khenchta hai
Jism-o-jaan hein rkawton mein gm

Aankh lai thi qarz-e-binai
Ab yeh hai jagmgahton mein gom

Chandni khul ke ro nahin sakti
Raat din ki lgawton men gum
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score: 9.64749

average: 10.0

on: Sep 28, 2014
ratings: 10

language: en


So this is where the children come to die,
hidden on the hospital’s highest floor.
They wear their bandages like uniforms
and pull their iv rigs along the hall
with slow and careful steps. Or bald and pale,
they lie in bright pajamas on their beds,
watching another world on a screen.

The mothers spend their nights inside the ward,
sleeping on chairs that fold out into beds,
too small to lie in comfort. Soon they slip
beside their children, as if they might mesh
those small bruised bodies back into their flesh.
Instinctively they feel that love so strong
protects a child. Each morning proves them wrong.

No one chooses to be here. We play the parts
that we are given—horrible as they are.
We try to play them well, whatever that means.
We need to talk, though talking breaks our hearts.
The doctors come and go like oracles,
their manner cool, omniscient, and oblique.
There is a word that no one ever speaks.

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score: 9.88868

average: 10.0

on: Sep 27, 2014
ratings: 48

tags: jasmine
language: en

I can't stop loving you
I've made up my mind
to live in memory of old lonesome time

I can't stop wanting you
It's useless to say
So I'll just live my life in dreams of yesterday

Those happy hours that we once knew,
though long ago, still make me blue
They say that time heals a broken heart
But time has stood still since we'be been apart

I can't stop loving you
I've made up my mind
to live in memory of old lonesome time
I can't stop loving you
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score: 9.43918

average: 10.0

on: Sep 26, 2014
ratings: 4

language: en


Tu Khush Rahe Khuda Karay

Mera Dil Yehi Dua Kray

Teray Hont Muskarayin Sada

Teri Aankh Sada Hansa Kray

Teri Bazm Sada Saji Rahay

Sada Bahar Teri Gali Rahay

Tou Gham Se Kbhi Ashna Na Ho

Tou Zeest May Kbhi Tanha Na Ho

Zindagi May Na Kuch Khoay Tou

Mazaq May Bhi Na Roay Tou

Tera Hr Khawab Poora Ho

Koi Sapna Na Adhoora Ho


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score: 9.68632

average: 10.0

on: Sep 25, 2014
ratings: 12

tags: ***
language: en

None of us is healthy,
We all are sickly,
No one to nurse,
Every one is curse.
Someone is deaf,
Someone is dumb,
Someone is blind, and,
Someone is lame.

The farmers are sick,
The harvest is infected,
The lovers are sick
The love is inflicted,
The poets are sick
Their words are corpses.

We all are sick
Even the doctors are sick,
So, we are helpless,
We can't help each other,
This world is such a huge hospital
Where we all are sick.

My protests are wordless,
My complaints have no voice,
I have no room for my dwelling,
I keep shifting my crematorium
In this worldly sanatorium,
I am also sick.
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score: 9.80468

average: 10.0

on: Sep 23, 2014
ratings: 24

tags: lahari
language: en

chains to THE WORD
the river
the forest
the soil
the questioning word---
being fettered

o fool !
o the slave to the slave of the fascist weapon !
o coward of your own questioning word !
weapons do not give birth to weapons .
power is not in weapons.
power is in the freedom of dialogue
and a moment is waiting to make you understand
the word of your own ---

the word is born
to gift wings even to the cage
the word is the peace
the word is the freedom
today's dream and tomorrow's reality

the deeper you bury my word
the stronger the word shoots up
with many a branch,
every time when you build a prison
a plant grows
in the cracks of mortar,
nothing is beyond natural justice

i am the word
i am the freedom !

(writers, artists, civil rights activists, students ( varavara rao from telengana.. kalyanrao from andhra pradesh, pro:kanchankumar and prof:amit bhattacharya from bengal, jeetan marandi from jharkhand and many others including students were arrested or detained by police of two states, telengana and andhra pradesh on 21-9-2014 and were released late in night. "The forum for political alternative" has been denied permission to have a conference and meeting. This is the nature of the so called democratic governments, but in nature only fascist, in respecting the constitutional right of " freedom of speech.")
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score: 9.43918

average: 10.0

on: Sep 23, 2014
ratings: 4

tags: dil aur diyaa
language: en

जलता है दिया,

होती है रोशनी, उठ्ती है धुआ,

जलता है दिल,

होता है आत्मप्रकाश, जल जाता है द्वैश.

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score: 9.77362

average: 10.0

on: Sep 23, 2014
ratings: 20

tags: SHARU
language: en

Fear not the death but the old age,
The days when your limbs go on strike ,
You can't see ,can't hear,can't walk a distance,
The days when your children don't have time for you ...!

The days when you end up penniless in your hand,
The death is our friend who is really very kind ,
He is the reliever of all kind of pains and troubles,
Who comes to soothe our exhausted body and soul.........!

To an ultimate abode he escorts us with him,
With a smile we should greet him not with fear,
No grumble ,no regret,only peace in your heart,
Be thankful,after all,he does his duty, which can't neglect.!...........by SHARU.23.9.14

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score: 9.37151

average: 9.42857

on: Sep 22, 2014
ratings: 23

tags: Stranger
language: en


Have you ever met a total stranger
And been totally fasinated
By what they say
By what they do

You hear their voice
That seems to penetrate
So deep in your mind
It echoes completely thru

Have you ever lost that sense of time
While you stared
Into each other's eyes
If you could imagine that feeling

When you connect in a special way
That transcends time and space
When the hours fly by
And time seems to lose meaning

I know you can't imagine this desire
The deepest part of your mind
But if you experience it once in your life
You will have gained your true soul

Something that only a stranger can give
And can disappear on the slightest breeze
Don't miss that one chance to connect
And make your heart whole.
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