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score: 9.66804

average: 10.0

on: Apr 4, 2014
ratings: 11

tags: dips
language: en

Only when an oyster dies, pearl is obtained.
Only after crossing sand beds, ocean is earned.

With full steams horses run,
without any limbs.
For death of oyster is want,
without any qualms.

Oyster pays with life
To realize its worth.

© Deepankar Choudhury
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score: 9.37792

average: 10.0

on: Apr 3, 2014
ratings: 3

language: en

I miss many friends
Living and dead
With lasting impact
And their memorable acts

I lost seven friends in row
I miss them dearly now
They were with me for hours recently
They are no more in weeks time presently

One friend met with tragic end
The accident caught him to be dead
What a face to remember!
Simple, lovely even though he was not close member

Another friend too I saw him last time
He used to be kind and cried many times
Over his wife’s death and felt loneliness
I shall never see again his face

They were part of my life till date
From childhood till they met cruel fate
I told friend bluntly” I shall not visit village again”
I can not be peaceful even if try to remain

It is not the question of timely death
But time of departure and real faith
We used to comment many times over old timers
They were sympathetic and woe listeners

They will express grief over our loss
Come to visit home whenever chose
Their hearts were clear and full of love
I miss those souls as it has made me to believe
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score: 9.56709

average: 10.0

on: Apr 3, 2014
ratings: 7

tags: My Wish
language: en

Tere Pyaar me

My Wish

Keep Health In Check
Beauty At Quest,
Friendship Intact And
Move One Step Forward.
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score: 9.43918

average: 10.0

on: Apr 3, 2014
ratings: 4

language: en

Only middle class take care
Bravely face family challenges and dare
Maintain all old traditions
And go for smooth personal relation

The head of the family is always afraid
So many conditions are laid
If he has come up with hard struggle
He will always avoid the trouble spots

He presents good show
Always afraid of path and thinks where to go
How to smell fragrance form gentle wind?
How to please all friends for honorable place to find

Little price rise upsets calculation
Whole of month causes irritation
Family and children ask for more
He has no other place to go and explore

Yes the means are limited
But the problems are sorted
The bed sheet is spread out accordingly
Even family members are cautioned regularly

There exists divine fear
Plus all worries to be taken care off
Poor have to worry only for meal
Rich may always get ready to have fair deal
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score: 9.68632

average: 10.0

on: Apr 2, 2014
ratings: 12

language: en

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Why do I look in you at all,
For all I see is the same old me,
And not how I saw want to be.

Mirror, mirror on the stair,
Why do you show me many years,
A face with wrinkles everywhere,
Wolud anybody like like my share.

Mirror , mirror in the hall,
Seeing you makes me recall,
That I am now of senior edge,
Well stuck in to the wrinkle stage.

Mirror, mirror by the door,
How hate you more and more,
I'm having to look the other way,
When my reflection's on display.

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score: 9.43918

by: ria
average: 10.0

on: Apr 2, 2014
ratings: 4

tags: T
language: en

जिंदगी बदल रही हैं कुंजम कुंजम
एहसास खिल रहे हैं कुंजम कुंजम
सपना देख रही है आँखे
गुनगुना रही हैं बातें
खो ना जाये हम, ये दिल चल तू कुंजम कुंजम..
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score: 9.71745

average: 10.0

on: Apr 2, 2014
ratings: 14

language: en

हसरत ही रही, हम से भी कभी कोई प्यार करता, कोई प्यार करता
कोई दिल हमारे भी मीठी नजर एक बार करता कोई प्यार करता

निकले थे हम दिल की झोली लिये, दुनिया ने कांटे ही कांटे दिये
इतने तो बुरे हम ना थे, कोई हम से नजर चार करता, कोई प्यार करता
हसरत ही ...

दुनिया में क्या क्या ना मेले रहे, हम थे अकेले अकेले रहे
दिल रखते थे हम, हमको भी कोई दिलदार करता, कोई प्यार करता
हसरत ही ...

माँगी थी हमने खुदाई कहाँ, ठोकर पे ठोकर मिली जो यहाँ
क्या जाता अगर कोई दिल का नगर गुलज़ार करता, कोई प्यार करता
हसरत ही ...
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score: 9.59768

average: 10.0

on: Apr 2, 2014
ratings: 8

tags: Gita-Saar
language: en

In the ring
the lone pugilist,
punches throwing,
muscles bulging,
loudly panting,
fate fighting,
succeeding, and,
simultaneously failing,
falls off the ring, and,
kisses the pyre.

Now the fire fighting,
flames striking,
turns him into ashes.
He flings himself
above the ring,
into the capital of pugilism.

His punches are counted,
the ones he struck, and,
the ones he took,
the ones credited,
the ones debited,
accounts settled,
decision announced,
He is to take more, and,
sent back to the ring.
There begins
the vicious ring.
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score: 9.63124

average: 9.90909

on: Apr 1, 2014
ratings: 12

language: en

It is unending process
I am getting powerful access
Ideas float in mind
The poem gets shape of its kind

I go on writing
The quest for more is igniting
It is heartening and delighting
The sun illuminates with its lighting

No darkness is there
Fresh flowers are everywhere
Eyes see the magic power of nature
Is it not our bright future?

Pain and agony may have impact
But mind diverts it with powerful act
Limitations are not taken into account
Fresh invasion is to mounted

It is war against poverty
It is struggle for purity
It is imagination for brotherhood
It is love for neighborhood

Love them and spread message
You will be heard in all ages
Life may end and mortals may remain
Let poems air message with pain
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score: 9.56709

average: 10.0

on: Apr 1, 2014
ratings: 7

language: en

The warmth of his power flows in me,
I no longer fill the cold,
When I meditate T'm strengthehed,
To take and be still,
And as Lord fights my bettle,
His power I continue to feel,
My heart must be consumed with his word,
there is no other way,
Because if the inner man has no power ,
You will just speak,
and won't care what you say,
To meditate, you get direction and understanding,
how to walk his walk,
How to pray and receive power,
to have an effective talk,

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score: 9.43918

average: 10.0

on: Mar 31, 2014
ratings: 4

language: en

Yes, it needs special care
With bold approach and daring power
Everything can be repaired
But not the love that has been compared

Yes the girls need it most
As they feel more about breach of trust
The male counterpart takes it easy
Gets well soon and remains busy

For simple female it is difficult
She feels as if the life is insulted
With cruel joke and life is smoked
The heart is down with stroke

She must be heard
Given reason with promising word
Life can not be wasted on hollow bond
Let the foe remain at distance rather stay near as friend

It is divine feeling with attachment
There can not be any second movement
Either side it must swing and assert
Love is not mere dance or concert
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score: 9.48946

average: 10.0

on: Mar 31, 2014
ratings: 5

tags: mss
language: en

Phele khilte hain jo chhere
q baad m murjhate h wo chere
Phele haste hain jo chhere
q baad m rote h wo chere

khus rha kr b gam m sath dete h
q gam m rha kr khus ka sath nahi dete wo chhere
yad m rha kr b bhula dete h
q bhulane m rha kr yado ka sath nahi dete wo chhere

jsm luta kr b mohobat ka dikhawa krte h
to q sachi mohobat m jsm ko nahi luta te wo chhere
samjh kr b sacha jeewan sathi mitaya krte h
to q sache jewan sathi ko nahi samjhte wo chhere

hasa kr b rulana chhatye h
to fir q rula kr b nhi hasatye ek saath wo chhere
jee kr b marna chhatye h
to fir q mar kr b nhi jeete ek sath wo chhere

wiswas kr k b tod dete h
to fir q tod kr k b wiswas nahi karte wo chhere
wada kr k b dhokha dete h
to fir dhokha kr k b wada nahi karte wo chhere

aina hu main mujh jhuth bolna nhi ata
taqder hu main mujh sachai samjhna nhi ata
mohobat m maine sachi ashiqi dafan hoti dekhi h
isly dard hu main mujh wafa bewafai ka antar dekhna nhi ata
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score: 9.43918

average: 10.0

on: Mar 30, 2014
ratings: 4

language: en

Facts might have been manipulated
The past incidences might have been unrelated
Yet it serves the purpose of being called nationalistic
This is very much essential and forms the basic

No matter what the past was
No matter what the lie was all about?
It ahs held nation together
Much to the surprise of others

Why patriotism is so important/
Why is it absent in many countries at present?
I shall go by one popular agreement
Let there be only popular movement

Why to dig past when country is held as one?
All people long peace care for none
Why people of same faith even do not share same platform?
What is purpose behind even if we are well informed?

The land is holy and its cause should be supreme
People must live under one roof and enjoy freedom
The democracy or dictatorship must keep people united
Whether under fear or freedom they should always be delighted

Have we not forgotten one basic principle?
Why poor and rich people have to struggle?
Poor is starving and rich is unable to enjoy
Why to live with false impression and deny?
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score: 9.56709

average: 10.0

on: Mar 30, 2014
ratings: 7

tags: @ N D R E @ @ @
language: en

No words can express my FEELINGS….
That how much I MISS U everyday….
Day by day the loneliness grows….
How I MISS U…..nobody knows….
No one knows my SORROW…
No one sees my WEEP…
Bcz everyday,I’ve to pretend
I’ve to a fake smile…
I’ve to a fake laugh…
I’ve to pretend everything is OKAY…..when ITS NOT…..
U told me,thar U loved me….
So why did u LEFT ME…..
I told u, I’ll never Leave U…
I kept my promise,but u didn’t…
Everyday, I sit and wonder
Why I MISS U…why I LOVE U…
But I found no reason,the LOVE I’VE FOR U….
Now I just can’t keep quite anymore….
So I’ll tell U everything,that
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score: 9.68632

average: 10.0

on: Mar 30, 2014
ratings: 12

tags: DREAMS
language: en

What is this strange feeling?
It is starngely familiar
The warmth has me singing
"Lord please just let me see her"

Everything about her feels right
She knows I'm hiding in my walls
Stuck in my dreams at night
If I'm not careful , I'll surely fall,

Whatever it takes I will have her,
Nothing will lead my mind astray,
I cannot let distance be the factor,
That lets this dream get away.

I hope she feels the same,
Ways I feel abour her
Don't let this be for shame
Do not add to my curse.
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on: Mar 30, 2014
ratings: 0

language: en

તેરે પ્યારમે-

દિલો કી દોસ્તી

દિલો કી હે દોસ્તી, જુબા પે નહી આતી,

ગુલ હે ઇસ ગુલસનકા, જહા પતઝડ નહી આતી,

રખતી હે યે દોસ્તી જવા હમ કો

કભી ઉમ્ર કા સાયા નજર નહી આતા,

ફુલોને સજાયા હે તુમ કો,

ભવરોને શીખાયા હે ગુન ગુનાના તુમ કો,

યે તો હમ હૈ જો કદર દાન તેરે,

આયના મે દેખ કે તુમ વક્ત ના ગુજારા કીજીયે.

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score: 9.37792

average: 10.0

on: Mar 30, 2014
ratings: 3

tags: friends
language: en

Ek hi
color ka dress pehen kar hum
lagte they kitne achay....
School lagta tha poultry farm aur
sab murghi k bachay... Mujhko
samaj na aya aj tak teacher ka
yeh funda,...
Hume bana deti thi murgha or
pe deti thi anda..
Jab bachpan
tha ,
to jawani ek sapna tha..
Jab jawan huye ,
to bachpan ek zamaana tha... .
jab ghar mein rehte the,
aazadi achi lagti thi .. aaj aazadi
hai ,fir bhi
ghar jaane ki jaldi rahti hai... .
kabhi hotel mein khana pizza,
burger khana pasand tha .. .
aaj ghar par aana aur maa
ke hath ka khana pasand hai..
School me jinke saath
Jhagadte the ,... .
aaj unko hi Internet pe
talashte hai..
khushi kis me hoti hai,
ye pata ab chala hai...
bachpan kya tha,
iska ehsas ab hua hai..
kash badal sakte hum
zindgi k kuch saal .. kash jee
sakte hum,.. zindgi fir se ek
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score: 9.48946

average: 10.0

on: Mar 30, 2014
ratings: 5

tags: friends
language: en

Dil Tod Kar Hamara Tumko Rahat
Bhi Na Milegi
Hamare Jaisi Tumko Chaht B Na

Yu Itni Berukhi Na Dikhlaiye,
Hum Agar Ruthe To Hamari Aahat
Bhi Na Milegi...

Teri Qismat Ka Likha
Tujhse Koi Le Nhi Sakta
Agr Uski Rehmat
Ho To
Tujhe Wo Bhi Mil Jayega
Jo Tera Ho Nhi Sakta..!!
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score: 9.44919

average: 9.8

on: Mar 30, 2014
ratings: 6

tags: heart
language: en

Sometimes in this lifetime,
we meet a special soul,
who fills our very essence,
to almost overflow,
we drink the cup of friendship,
it tastes like ruby wine,
and you know within your heart,
this meeting was Divine.

This soul that lives within your heart,
no distance can prevail,
an inner spark, within the heart,
becomes a Holy Grail,
the starting of a journey,
in which you both shall be,
a reflection of each other,
for all eternity.
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score: 9.64749

average: 10.0

on: Mar 30, 2014
ratings: 10

tags: ???
language: en

How will you read me with closed minds !
In your minds, you have constructed
compartments of all kinds.
You have imprisoned yourself
in bits and pieces
in those beautifully arranged compartments.

I am liberated
I have no compartments
My pen has no boundaries
I am a nomad, and,
I raise pen and paper.

I don't want to listen
I don't want to drown
in honeyed emotionality,
I don't want to search
some instantly affective rhyme.

The sky of my thoughts
is inaccessible, and,
the ego of my words
is under your feet.
I am the humble creature
between my thoughts and my words.

I am not the pride of a poet
I am the sadness of my poetry.
Of my darkness
this is the autobiography.
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