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score: 9.87671

average: 9.88545

on: Jun 20, 2009
ratings: 611

language: en


Sometimes at night,
when I lay down to sleep,
I embrace myself,
I start to think...
Then I imagine
that you lie beside me...
hugs and kisses
all over my body.
I wish you
could really be here,
just to whisper,
"I love you," in my ear.
I would turn around and say,
"I love you, too."
But will it ever be true?
So I turn around
and I wonder some more,
still wanting your embrace,
so I close my eyes and picture your face...
I fall asleep dreaming of you.
In my dream it seems so true.
It's as if I can really feel
your kisses against my lips...
Then my eyes pop open
and you're nowhere to be seen,
And I feel so lonely
once AGAIN!!!
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score: 9.92424

average: 9.93976

on: Jun 12, 2012
ratings: 368

language: en

Thinking Of You Means
"I miss you" ♥
Holding your hand means

Thinking Of You Means
"I miss you"♥

Holding your hand means
"I like you"♥
Putting my head on your
shoulder means
"Comfort me"♥

My hands on your waist means
"Never let me go" Biting my lip means
"I'm jealous"♥

Staring into your eyes means
"Do you love me ?"♥

Winking means
"I adore you"♥

Dreaming of you often means
"You're someone special"♥

Being with you often means..!!!
I Love You And LOVE Being With
You :) ♥
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score: 9.80504

average: 9.82171

on: Apr 22, 2009
ratings: 286

tags: My Within
language: en

Deep within my soul ,
I keep wondering ...
Where am I ?
Who am I ?
Why am I ?

I am a devotee, A human ...
Dutiful , an animal !

A Son, A Brother,
A Husband, A Father,
A Friend, A Lover ...
An ideal for someone ...

Grown up in Fact anf Fiction;
Am I here to Work and Labour,
Perspire and Tire -
Heartily do what He says ...

Yes, the purpose of Raj's Life.
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score: 9.50738

average: 9.51613

on: Nov 30, 2008
ratings: 275

tags: Jude's
language: en

Please don't break my heart
For its yours forever
I may not have known you that long
But I give my heart
For my love for you is strong

Please don't break my heart
I can't live my life without you
For you are what keeps me alive
My heart is yours forever

Please don't break my heart
If you don't want it
Please try and give back to me whole
For if it breaks I won't live
My love for you is strong
And my heart is yours forever
When we talk my love grows stronger
For you are there when I need

Please don't break my heart
For my heart is tender
And still weak
From when I last had it broken

Please don't break my heart
For it is yours forever and ever
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score: 9.63968

average: 9.65272

on: Jan 20, 2010
ratings: 265

language: en

pyar kar ke chot dil ko tumne di to hai
ab is tootey dil ko tumhari be-wafai kaise kahun

hum to kar lenge umar bhar intzaar tumhara
is dil ko ik be-wafa ka intzaar karne ko kaise kahun

us chand mai bhi dikhta hai chehra tumhara
ab us haseen chand ko chhupne ko kaise kahun

tumne de diye saare gham is dewani ko
par khuda se tumhe gham dene ko kaise kahun

ab bhi mar rahi hai ye dewani teri chahat main
par itna bata zalim, tujhe mar jane ko aise kahun......? ??????
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score: 9.88173

average: 9.90308

on: May 11, 2009
ratings: 252

language: en

Deep inside the sea,
My desires lay hidden.....!
To fly high in the sky,
And catch the bright stars,
To get mingled
With the Golden Sun,
In the final stage of my Life...

High in the sky,
Someday we'll fly;
Fearless here and there,
With the feathers of a bird fair,
Holding the hands of our Beloved,
In the pleasing blows of the wind.....!
'Raj' dotes on Dreams !
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score: 9.97568

average: 10.0

on: Feb 14, 2010
ratings: 252

tags: oOo love oOo
language: en

Your draining the only confidence i
have left,
emptying my vains of little self
i never knew you would have this effect,
one day i'll do something to you that
you won't expect,
something i may not regret,
This single part of me ruins so much
for me,
the good side of you makes me feel you
love me,
i love the good side of you and you
seem to be there for me,
your happynessness inside is always
unleashed onto me,
I feel to much for you to confront you
or even run,
I always try and not forget all you've
said and done,
i am the gangster being hunted down,but
still refusing to run,
you are the murderer carrying a lethal
Why do you keep on cutting me with that
Never allowing my self-consious
thoughts to fade,
Why is it whenever i paint myself out
once again,
you paint your love paint over me again?
You with me like an artist who cannot
fill the empty canvas,
Frustrated and empty here,just love and
let me be alone here....
i love u so much
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score: 9.91553

average: 9.93805

on: Aug 7, 2009
ratings: 251

tags: By my frnd ASIT
language: en

You’ve been there for me when I needed you most, When my life seems to pass by so slow. You always can put me in the best of moods, You brighten up my life when it is out of tune. You let me know when I do something wrong, You show me in this world is where I belong. You've taught me how and why the world turns, I hope you can show me everything you have learned. You make me feel like the sun in the sky, Like I should have no worries but to sleep and to rise. To make my day the brightest it could be, Just to live my life and know Im free. You make me love you more than words can say, You make me want you more and more each day. I love the way you make me feel, Because noone in this world can make it so real.

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score: 9.9746

average: 10.0

on: Mar 18, 2010
ratings: 241

language: en

I never need for gold
And never asked for wealth
But prayed for life have honor
And moments filled with pride.

Like butterflies need to spread the wings
Like the bird have freedom to fly
I wish you we're here with me everytime
I wish to hold you and feel your love.

Words--reflection of grace
Words---shining like a star
Words--like bethoven's song
Words-- as soft as some flowers.

Wide,river and high mountains
Whatever on the way
If you would my journey
I don't care what come way.

I wish one peaceful day
You may step in my life
To lure a song of love
My hearts will full of gladness.

I need you and no one else
With "I" in start end with "YOU"
And third one shines like sun
To paint sky something blue.

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score: 9.97067

average: 10.0

on: Oct 14, 2010
ratings: 207

tags: Ricky
language: en

(<>_<>) **Love is...* (<>_<>)

Love defined by a 5 year old Girl -
"Love is when he takes my chocolates and comes back with its wrapper !"

A 10 year old Girl -
"Love is when we work for a project and he intentionally touch my hand trying to get a pen !"

A 15 year old Girl -
" love is when we get caught bunking and he takes the blame ""

An 18 year old Girl -
" Love is when at farewell he hugs me saying ' keep in touch' !"

A 21 year old Girl -
" Love is when he runs from college with me just for a week long trip together !!"

A 26 year old -Girl
"Love is when he proposes me with a rose and makes a fool of himself, and says 'U know i love You' "

A 35 year old woman -
"love is when he cleans the house seeing me tired"

A 50 year old woman -
" love is when he is ill and still cracks a joke just me laugh ! "

A 60 year old woman -
'love is when he is taking hai last breath and saying, ' I am glad as you know what love is,,'
and leaves me with a tear forever............."

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score: 9.89643

average: 9.9235

on: Jun 11, 2009
ratings: 203

tags: Raj
language: en

My heart as soft as wax..

Turned to stone as got hurt,

The hidden desires in it

Broke to pieces as a glass...

My heart full of pain,

This 'RAJ' longing for Love

Mingled and dreamed;

No one to read my heart,

This poor heart of 'RAJ'

Secretly cries.......
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score: 9.96804

average: 10.0

on: Sep 22, 2010
ratings: 189

language: en

One song can spark a moment,
One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest,
One bird can herald spring.

One smile begins a friendship,
One handclasp lifts a soul.
One star can guide a ship at sea,
One word can frame the goal

One vote can change a nation,
One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness,
One laugh will conquer gloom.

One step must start each journey.
One word must start each prayer.
One hope will raise our spirits,
One touch can show you care.

One voice can speak with wisdom,
One heart can know what's true,
One life can make a difference,
You see, it's up to you!
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score: 9.95504

average: 9.9878

on: Aug 18, 2010
ratings: 182

language: en

You were there with me when I needed someone
Someone to talk to, to cry with and to laugh with
Yes, you were there with me all those wary nights
All those time that I was in the dark, you shed light.

I’m thankful for having you as my friend
For you were always there to comfort me
You were there beside me to tell me everything will be alright
You were there to catch me every time that I fall.

You were there when I need you, but are you really there?
Thought you loved me, how come you act, as if you don’t care?
You are the reason why I am acting this way now, my friend
But still, I thank you, for you made me stronger…

Stronger as the beast that roar in the wild
Stronger as the storm across the ocean
Stronger as the diamond that won’t break
Stronger enough to take all heart aches….

I thank you my friend, for you made me stronger…
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score: 9.9492

average: 9.98171

on: Oct 24, 2009
ratings: 182

language: en

I am completely
Devoted to you My life!

My passion!

My fiery passion!

I love your tender
I long to hold you

Sharing with you peace and love

My heart will always flow..
with sweet memories!

I am don't crying
I am still store at you

Just with your sweet smile

I could feel your smile
on my lips and in my heart

I will never forget your radiance
and beauty

When i lose my charm
from touch of your closeness you
with all your severing sweetness
I am may be rich
and you may not be poor

When i was remembered
I had a sweet dream

Shining in your eyes
Once , twice, then forever
You aren't just my dream
You'll my life!

I am honestly say ...
My dream has come true..

You never believe me
Just how much Raj loved you

To be your Lover!!
When you need to love

I am yours......
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score: 9.96634

average: 10.0

on: Feb 25, 2010
ratings: 180

language: en

My knees start to weaken
At the first sight of your face
My heart start to melt
At the thought of your embrace.

I really wish that when i looked
Into your eyes i could see
Exactly how it is that
You feel about me.

I get nervous when you're around me
I feel I could cry when you're going away
I dream about you when i'm sleep even i awake
Every second of the day you always in my thoughts.

I want you to know I'm deeply inlove with you
My last three words will always remain true
Regardless of what i might say or do
You always remember "I LOVE YOU"
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score: 9.96634

average: 10.0

on: Nov 5, 2009
ratings: 179

tags: is this love?
language: en

Why am I here if you’re there
So far away it’s not fair
To be without you like this
I miss you more than you know
The nights are long
The days slow
Without the warmth of your kiss
Wish you were back here with me
Cause out my window
All is see is

Rain , rain in the sky
Everywhere I look my eyes see
Rain , rain fallin down
Crying as it hits the ground
Rain , rain in my heart
Every day that were apart
Rain , rain
Falling rain , rain
Rain , rain
Only rain , rain

The sun is strong when you’re near
But when you’re gone it disappears
Behind an ocean of blue
The telephones not good enough
It cant reach out it cant touch
Me like the way you do
Wish you would knock at my door
Cause only you can stop the pouring

Rain , rain in the sky
Everywhere I look my eyes see
Rain , rain fallin down
Crying as it hits the ground
Rain , rain in my heart
Every day that were apart
Rain , rain
Falling rain , rain
Rain , rain
Only rain , rain

Maybe ill go outside
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score: 9.8747

average: 9.90506

on: Jun 26, 2008
ratings: 175

language: en

When the golden sunset
Sets over the amber hills
And when the moon shines bright
And all the world stands still
There is beauty, awesome beauty

God took the dust and formed a man
He paints each sunrise with His hand
He took all the love within His heart
And gave us beauty from the start
There's beauty, awesome beauty

When the storm clouds come
And thunder rolls
When skies are dark
And it hardens the soul
There's beauty, awesome beauty

God took all the love within His heart
And gave us beauty from the start
There's beauty, awesome beauty

Through every age
There is a call
To admire the creation
He gave us all
It is beauty, awesome beauty

See the beauty, hear the call
Enjoy the life He gave us all
God took the love in His heart
And gave us beauty from the start
There's beauty, awesome beauty
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score: 9.65139

average: 9.67361

on: Dec 3, 2008
ratings: 160

tags: I Miss You
language: en

I'm missing you already
you're simply a memory

Silence in a crowded room
that's calling out to me

A distant cry inside of my heart
always tracks me down

It will never want to part
it will never let me down

Thorns of emotion
sting me everyday

They remind me of you
and tell me to stay

Tears of sweet hope
run down my young face

They sing to me softly
and show me your face

Sorrow fills my empty soul
and tuck me in at night

It fills my room with silent screams
and holds on to me tight

My heart has only one love
one love to give

Pure as the feathers of a dove
pure as the way we all shall live

.........From Kausar :)
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score: 9.9491

average: 9.98611

on: Nov 29, 2009
ratings: 159

tags: Raj Manik 2009
language: en

I wish to draw your picture in my heart !
Whom I gave my heart !
That my unbounded love for you,
I love more than I fear death have called upon me, and
The memories of the blissful moments !!
Never forget how much I love you,
and when my last breath escapes me
Little Willie is too young to remember me long,
Remain my true, only treasure, my all as I am yours;
I wake filled with thoughts of you
you have on my heart!
I draw from your lips, from your heart !
a love which consumes me with fire
"Raj" see you looking sad?
Do you think now that
I am cold & stern, & artful
will even others think so,
Fly with you when, where, & how !
For the rest I commend unto you.
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score: 9.96182

average: 10.0

on: Jan 26, 2010
ratings: 157

language: en

I love your understanding
The way you say my name
When we embrace
And the way you tell me you love me.

I love the caring sweetheart in you
Who knows how just to be
A comfort and a source of real
Encouragement to me.

In you i found my soulmate
Who has just a perfect way
Of making me fall more and more
Inlove with you each day.

Time may change a lot of things
In our lives but one thing
It can never change is the way
I feel about you,you're everything to me.

No one else has evermade me feel
As alive as special or as happy as you do
Wherever I am your with me if only
In thoughts and in heart "I LOVE YOU ALWAYS"
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