Wise man...

by: Kaushik Pandya (on: Aug 18, 2019)
Category: Poem   Language: English
tags: KPandya
Wise man...
(A Wiseman once said nothing....)

Well, it is the human art
and you are very much part
without being rude
you can elude the person
you need not answer
and express an anger
for being trolled
and remain as the fool
You may be soft spoken
and well taken
in the friend circle or otherwise,
you shall be called the wise man
bear no innocence
in the face
it shall be taken as weakness
there shall be visible traces too
the best answer is to keep quiet
and answer when the table is set
to answer in an unequivocal term
you have the golden opportunity to turn the table
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510 days ago
Rating: 10
515 days ago
Very expressive .. and wise poem
It's in the format of rabindranath tagore's poems
515 days ago
Rating: 7
516 days ago
evet bir bakıma doğru,kısa vadede iyi sonuç alınmaz
516 days ago
Rating: 10
517 days ago
I would just say nothing
517 days ago
Sane advice!
517 days ago
Rating: 10
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