You Alone....

by: Kashyap P (on: Aug 18, 2019)
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You alone
"I like my life alone"

It is you alone
with whom the past has gone
you have witnessed up and down
and the fate was known

it is handled independently
and you did it successfully
no one else did it for you
the plight was handled through an insight

no one else may do it
you saw it as the fit case
you faced it bravely
and handled brilliantly

it is the duty of each individual
that nothing is taken as casual
it is your responsibility
and that proves your capability too

you may go away
and nobody is going to stay
so sit back and think over
you are the only one to take care
~~Sarah Silverman~~
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286 days ago
You are one and only one
to lead your own Life....
Bitter or Sweet,
However you alone got it...
286 days ago
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teşekkür ederim
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