He’s the son of God and his teachings are something we can’t ignore.

by: Parimal Patel (on: Dec 23, 2019)
Category: Poem   Language: English
tags: He’s the son of God and his teachings are something we can’t ignore.
Jesus was the greatest man who ever lived. He loved to show kindness and he loved to forgive. He resurrected the dead and made the blind see. A couple of men wanted to stone a woman who committed adultery. Jesus said that the person who had never sinned could throw the first stone. When Jesus looked up, he saw that the men had left him and the woman alone. Jesus loves us, that’s why he died for our sins. When the Second Coming arrives, he’ll return to Earth again. Jesus Is With Me For many years, Jesus has been and will always be with me. No matter how much I mess up, he’ll always love and forgive me. Jesus is with me everywhere I go. He makes us feel better when we feel low. Jesus loves us and he’s with us all. When people accept Jesus, they become ten feet tall.
May the heart awaken to good things, may the day be made like hot chocolate, or freshly brewed coffee. May everything smell, taste, and warmth enough to warm your day, filling your heart with peace, tranquility and peace." harmony." ..Let go of everything that makes life heavy. Make room for the new, the opportunities, and give yourself a chance to be happy every day. May we not be afraid or afraid of running toward the destiny that our heart points to. Being happy is a state of mind that we must continually cultivate. To be prosperous, indeed, is to have reason to smile even on the grayest days, because the true color of life is within us. My prayer each of you. My Father, You know all, and see all. Those that are sick, broken and need to be comforted, I pray that You will administer to each one's needs, wrap each one in Your loving arms, bless each one with tender mercies, Your amazing grace and Your precious undying love for them. I ask this in the name of Jesus.
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