by: Parimal Patel (on: Jan 5, 2020)
Category: Poem   Language: English
tags: Barber
A bald man had a real hang-up about his lack of hair. He had tried all types of treatment but without success. Then one day he passed a barber’s shop with a sign in the window that read: “Bald Men. Your Problems Solved Instantly. You Too Can Have a Head of Hair Like Mine For Ten Dollar.” And beneath the sign was a photo of the barber with his flowing mane of hair. So the bald man went into the shop and asked the bartender, “Can you guarantee that for Ten Dollar my hair will instantly look like yours?” “Certainly,” said the barber. “It will take no more than a few seconds for us to look exactly alike.” “Okay then,” said the bald man, handing over the money. “Let’s go for it.” The barber took the money and shaved his own hair off.
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