I Always Knew The first time I saw you

by: Parimal Patel (on: Feb 1, 2020)
Category: Poem   Language: English
tags: I Always Knew The first time I saw you
I Always Knew The first time I saw you, I knew you were special When you turned to look at me I was lost in those eyes I knew I could trust you So in my heart you'd be mine I always knew you would take my soul My happiness, I freely give For me, there could never be another you When I am with you I feel very safe I know you will protect me You will do it for my sake Our love is innocent like two people Who have found themselves In this upside down world in which we live We are like two white doves So pure, with so much love I always knew, your tender touch Your gentle voice, makes me feel like I belong When you kiss me, I can feel your great love And I want you to know I love you too. I always knew we were meant to be To touch, to kiss, to have sweet desire Heart to heart and hand to hand I always knew, my dream would come true All that I am has been given away To my one true love, and that love is you.... Miss you Need you MISS YOU want to kiss you need you to hold me tight I just can't get enough of you Please say you also miss me and need me let's try to get together soon under the bright moon light to make sweet love MISS YOU NEED YOU I want you near near me all day and night making my life bright and cheerful hugging and kissing, making love to me bringing ecstasy to us too every day, every night all of the time NEED YOU....~A Place For Us~ I look at the blinking stars The ocean as far as the eye can see I see the shining moonbeams And I know there's a place for us to be We live in a world so big and wide Yet I know The Lord is with us As butterflies flutter by A place of flowers and golden sunbeams So beautiful and new A place for us to plan together As only God meant for us to do Soaring over the great lands Where our souls can be as one Here and ever after Is the only way it can be done In everything we see and feel Hold me in your arms, if you will Sometimes only once, such great love comes along In time our spirits will meet In a far away forgotten land A place for you and me I look at the moon each night If only I could touch it's face We will find a place for us In God's own time and place... As I awoke this morning The first thing I saw was your face I thought to myself "I am looking through the eyes of love" It was like looking into Heaven's grace. I wanted to hold you close Your eyes were the bluest blue You held me in your strong arms And I thanked God I belong to you. As the sun grew bright and warm You smiled that dear smile, beauty from above As I watched, it was as if a gate swung wide I thought "I am looking through the eyes of love". We went on a picnic, I picked wild flowers for you We were young and free We talked about happy things and laughed You stood up and only wonder I could see As the clouds swirled, you pulled me by my hands And we danced to music of our heart's delight "This is what looking through the eyes of love must be like". It started to rain, and then, up yonder I saw the rainbow of hope Being in love can be so beautiful A butterfly circled..blessing bestowed A lovely gift for the best day of my life Tomorrow we will have another God made us one, He is enough In a paradise for two Both looking through the eyes of love
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