Your Smile...

by: removed (on: Feb 12, 2020)
Category: Poem   Language: English
tags: İ kiss your smile

Everyday when i see your beautiful smile.
My heart beats strongly due to excitement.
İ miss you even if i'm with you, my love, and
Everything turns blue when I hear your voice.

My only wish is to meet you in real life.
You are my light, you are my soul, your are me.

Lovely words in my thoughts on my mind.
Our love will never end, your smile is mine forever.
Voices are in my ears singing your name.
Enjoying your love is the best feeling on earth.

........İ love you more than everything girl........

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34 days ago
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51 days ago
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51 days ago
what beautiful it says "I kiss your smile", impressive poetry, congrats
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